We're live!

Well, we've finally made it onto the web. After a fair amount of work (it's never as easy as the ads tell you) we have a functioning website to help reach out to beer lovers local and further afield.  Many thanks to Neil Bowness & his team at Plain Creative for their advice & support in creating an identity for the craft beer side of our business.

Please let us know what you think about the site, or if you have any requests for beers that we don't yet stock. There are a hell of a lot out there but we are passionate about finding top quality produce from both new and established breweries. We are always trying new beers and hope to recommend some of the beers we discover as we go.  Our aim is to look for beers that aren't readily available in some of the 'larger' stores in the area although they seem to have woken up to the craft beer revolution so some overlap is sadly unavoidable.

Rainbow Project 2016

The Rainbow Project this year matched 7 of the best of British breweries with 7 from New Zealand with each pairing given a colour of the rainbow to use as their inspiration for each brew.  The fruits of their labour were as follows;

Red - Beavertown/Parrotdog - Universal Mind 10.5% Adambier

Orange - Burning Sky/Liberty - Descent into the Maelstrom 6.66% Eclectic

Green - Hawkshead/Yeastie Boys - Kai Moana Gose 6% Gose

Yellow - Magic Rock/Fork Brewing - The Upside Down 6% Fruit Witbier

Blue - Wild Beer/8 Wired - Black & Blue 5% Barrel Aged Sour

Indigo - Siren Craft/Garage Project - Blacklight Banana 9.2% Imperial Stout

Violet - Partizan/Panhead - Royal Ale 8.5% Barley Wine

Launch Day saw limited edition cases of all 7 beers plus a glass get snapped up in quick time. We managed to secure one at Hawkshead Beer Hall, for research purposes you'll understand. Although all cases have now gone, there is still some availability for single bottles/cans, we currently have the Wild Beer/8 Wired Black & Blue in stock, and hopefully on course for the Siren/Garage Blacklight Banana.